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This will be the 4th km-scale hackathon. After three previous hackathons, mainly organized under the nextGEMS project, our hackathons now become even bigger. This time the km-scale hackathon will be co-organized by three projects: EERIE, WarmWorld, and nextGEMS.

Hackathons are communal exploration, analysis and development activities – all various forms of ‘hacking’. They prioritize working together over lecturing one another. At NextGEMS meetings, our fingers will do the talking.”

Please join us for one week of hacking, finding bugs, fixing bugs, and a lot of fun from 4th to 8th March 2024 in Hamburg, Germany.

Get ready

Here are some hints to help you prepare for your hackathon week.

What to take with you

  • Water bottle – Tap water is great in Hamburg. Please bring your own water bottle.
  • Lanyard – We would like to reduce unneccessary waste and you probably already have a collection of lanyards lying in your office…
  • Ethernet adapter – there will be Wifi (Eduroam and a guest wifi for participants without eduroam access), but just in case.. if you have an ethernet adapter lying around on your desk, it might come in handy to bring one.
  • DKRZ account – Did you sign up for a DKRZ account already? Or was the hackathon in Madrid the last time you used your DKRZ account? Please make sure that you can access everything. Here is a short tutorial on how to sign up and log in.

You will find more information on how to get to here, what will be happening during the week, etc. on this page further below.

Hackathon Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the hackathon participation can be found under this link: ToR. This document is about the Terms of References which is created for the implementation of the project Hackathons and represents the basis of the activities and obligations for participation.


Here is some information on how to get to Hamburg and navigate the city.

Arriving by Plane

To get to the city center after your arrival at Hamburg Airport head to the SBahn station. It is indicated by overhead signs showing a white ‘S’ inside a green circle. From there either take S1 or S11 in the direction of Blankenese or Wedel. Both SBahn lines will take you to the central station (in German: Hauptbahnhof), from there you find connections to all other SBahn lines, UBahn lines and many buslines for onward travel.

Alternate Airports

  • Bremen (BRE) - travel time to Hamburg Central Station up to 1h50min
  • Hannover (HAJ) - travel time up to 2h30min
  • Berlin (BER) - travel time up to 3h30min

Arriving by Train

If you choose to travel to Hamburg by train you will arrive centrally at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. An alternative train station would be Hamburg Dammtor that is quite close to the hackathon location. But please make sure that your train will stop there. Not all trains do.

How to get to MPI-M

If you travel by U-bahn, the closest station is Schlump (lines U2 and U3). The nearest bus stations are Zoologisches Museum (line X35), Bundesstrasse (lines 4, 15), or Grindelhof (lines 4, 5).


Directions from Schlump

When making your way out of the station keep an eye out for a large brutalist tower, the Geomatikum. From the station head then left along the street Beim Schlump nearing the tower. Upon arriving at an intersection with a Shell petrol station down to your left and a building under construction to your right, turn right across the street and follow the road for 2 minutes until you spot a turquoise coloured glass building. You have found the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology. Entrances are located on both sides of the building.

Transport passes for the week

Tickets for the Hamburg transport network (HVV) can be bought online, in the HVV-App or at the ticket machines found at almost every station.

The network is segmented into rings from A to F. If you don’t plan to travel far outside the city, purchasing regular tickets for zones A and B will certainly suffice.

For the duration of the Hackathon a weekly 24/7 ticket will be your cheapest option to travel around Hamburg.


The Hackathon is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany. Most of the event will take place in the MPI-M’s building, but for some session we have rooms booked in the buildings of the University of Hamburg, Geomatikum and the Pharmacy building.

Central hackathon location (Bu53): Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg Geomatikum (Geom): Bundesstr. 55, 20146 Hamburg Pharmacy building (Pharm): Bundesstr. 45, 20146 Hamburg

Lunch Options

Lunches will be self organized by everyone. If you want to go for lunch close to the hackathon location, -> here are some suggestions for restaurants. Of course, there are many more options. You can also ask your local hackathon colleages for recommendations.

Room Plan

Meeting rooms are distributed throughout the entire building of the Max-Planck Institute of Meteorology, the GEOMATIKUM and the PHARMACY (see Venue for address). Here is a rough overview on which topic will be discussed in which rooms. If you get lost, ask someone local or come and find us in the library on the ground floor.

Room overview


The hackathon will run from Monday afternoon to Friday noon. A detailed schedule will be posted here.

Some recommendations for lunch options can be found -> here


If you arrive early in the morning and would like to have a desk to work at, contact the organizers.

NB: If the location does not include the building, assume Bu53.

time event location
2pm Registration 002
3pm Opening session Hoersaal, Pharm
- Welcome, Bjorn Stevens
- Logistics, Elina Plesca
- Storm & Society, Eulalia Baulenas & Pajam Sobhani
3:40pm Simulation updates Hoersaal, Pharm
- ICON, Daniel Klocke
- IFS, Thomas Rackow
- EERIE models, Dian Putrasahan & Rohit Ghosh
4:30pm Coffee break Library
5pm Plans for the breakout groups Hoersaal, Pharm
- Ocean
- Atmosphere
- Land
5:30pm Keynote talk EVE, Daniela Jacob Hoersaal, Pharm
6:30pm Ice breaker Library
time event location
9am Hacking
10:30am Coffee break Library
11am Hacking
12:30pm Lunch break (individually) lunch options
2pm Hacking
4pm Coffee break Library
4:30pm World Café Library
7pm Hackathon Dinner Parlament Restaurant
8pm Day 1 wrap up discussion
time event location
9am hacking
10.30am Coffee break Library
11am hacking
12.30pm lunch break (individually) lunch options
2pm hacking
4pm Coffee break Library
4.30pm Keynote* Sarah Kang Hoersaal, Pharm
5.30pm hacking

* title: Possible shift in mechanistic controls of tropical Pacific surface warming pattern

time event location
9am hacking
10.30am Coffee break Library
11.00am hacking
12.30pm lunch break (individually) lunch options
1.30pm Side event: Visit of the windtunnel of UHH (up to 90 min)
2pm hacking
4pm Coffee break Library
4.30pm hacking
time event location
9am Theme teasers 022/023
- 20 min per theme
10:20am Updates from coordination, Heike Konow 022/023
10:30am Coffee break Library
11am Closing discussion 022/023
1pm End of hackathon

Hackathon info

This is a collection of all information you might need during your week in Hamburg: click -> here for more details.


Please Note! The dates of our hackathon are partially colliding with a larger convention starting on the 7th of March. This means that hotel prices may rise significantly above their regular level. This regards in particular hotels nearby the institute, as the convention center is just across the street from the MPI. To avoid overly high prices, book as soon as possible with the option for flexible cancellation!


To help your search for accommodation in Hamburg, you can find a list of hotel options. For easier orientation, the list of hotels can also be viewed on Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can book hotel rooms on the following websites: